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During Labor Day weekend 2017, Daniel was biking with friends along the Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trail System in northern Minnesota, and he met a woman who had fallen off her bike and broke her arm. In true Daniel form (he is an emergency medicine-trained physician), he stopped to diagnose and stabilize her injury before he continued along the trail.

Several hours later, Daniel had his own bicycle accident, though we’re not quite sure what happened. He fell on the trail, hit his head, and cracked his bike helmet. More tragically, however, he fractured his thoracic spine, which resulted in an immediate spinal cord injury. He was airlifted to North Memorial Medical Center in Minneapolis and quickly underwent surgery to relieve the pressure on his spinal cord and to stabilize his spine. Despite this rapid intervention, Daniel remains paralyzed and has no sensation below his belly button.

After 2 nights in the ICU and another 5 days harassing the wonderful staff at North Memorial, he was transferred to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, MN, where he serves as a physician in their Emergency Department. The goal of Daniel’s rehabilitation is to achieve functional independence in a wheelchair, while hoping that improvements in research and technology come quickly enough to benefit him and others.

Throughout this journey, our family experienced an incredible outpouring of love and support for Daniel from members of his many social, academic, and professional circles. It has been truly astonishing to see how many peoples’ lives he has touched.  Word even reached the woman with the broken arm, who came to the hospital as soon as she was able to thank Daniel.  Like her, each visitor has shared with us how genuine and meaningful Daniel’s support for them had been at their time of need, and everyone has been eager to help support Daniel as he embarks upon this most dramatic of life’s transitions.

We have created this website not only to update you on his long road to recovery, but also to establish a resource for Daniel as he begins to face the significant financial challenges ahead – The Daniel Grossman Strength, Rehabilitation and SCI Research Trust.  We hope that someday soon, Daniel can return to doing what he loves – caring for the sickest patients while exploring ways to advance health care world-wide. Once he regains financial independence, any assets remaining in the trust that Daniel no longer needs will be donated to causes that support research and development for patients with spinal cord injury, such as the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

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